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FFXIV Discussion

How to Summon your Inner Power with the Arcanist Class

Summoning magic is the forte of the Arcanist class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Using symbols to focus aether an Arcanists on a FFXIV account can call forth carbuncle to help them gather FFXIV Gil. Taking your time For the most part Final Fantasy 14 account holders can play Arcanists as DPS. This is due to their strong damage-over-time and debuffing skills. However, at higher levels, players need to decide if they’re going to go through with DPS as a Summoner, or heal as a Scholar. This of course means spending FFXIV Gil on new FFXIV items appropriate…

FFXIV Discussion

Getting FFXIV Gil with the Thaumaturge and the Lancer

Another spell casting class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the Thaumaturge. Create a character of this class on your FFXIV account if you want to channel the power of Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. Just be prepared to spend FFXIV Gil for restorative FFXIV items. FFXIV Gil through the fire and the flames As a Disciple of Magic class, expect the Thaumaturge on your Final Fantasy 14 account to dish out heavy damage from afar. The class also expels in dealing AoE damage as well as effective crowd control abilities. This makes them invaluable when hunting FFXIV Gil…

FFXIV Discussion

FFXIV Gil Hunters Guide to the Conjurer and Warrior

Hunting FFXIV Gil and FFXIV items for your FFXIV account can be incredibly dangerous for your characters. The Conjurer class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn however can help prevent the death of your character and party through healing. Helping others save FFXIV Gil with the Conjurer Players earning FFXIV Gil through parties would do well with a Conjurer on their Final Fantasy 14 account. This spell casting class specializes in healing, wind and earth magic, ensuring the survival of the group. This Disciple of Magic class is also needed for the White Mage, Paladin and Scholar jobs. Making…

FFXIV Discussion

Earning FFXIV Gil with the Pugilist and Lancer Class

The Pugilist of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is known for using the raw power of their fists. The class earns FFXIV Gil for any FFXIV account through close quarter fights and as DPS in parties. Race and stats for your new FFXIV Gil hunter When making a Pugilist for your Final Fantasy 14 account, choose the Hyur Highlander for its race. This is due to their increased Strength. The latter is the main stat for this Disciple of War class. Make sure to keep this in mind when spending FFXIV Gil on FFXIV items. Becoming a Pugilist for…

FFXIV Discussion

FFXIV Gil Collector’s Class Guides: The Marauder & Archer

Gathering and crafting FFXIV items to sell for FFXIV Gil on your Final Fantasy 14 account can get boring. In fact, most players in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will just head to a dungeon and grind for their Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Marauders are good for this purpose, especially when going with a group. FFXIV Gil costs and preparations The Marauder Disciple of War class is the best example of offense being the best defense. As such, this tanking class focuses on VIT and STR. When taking this class for your FFXIV Gil hunter on your FFXIV account,…

FFXIV Crafting

Earning FFXIV Gil with the Fisher and Miner Class

Fishers are the backbone of Culinarians in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They provide the FFXIV items needed to craft their dishes. If you want to earn FFXIV Gil with the cook on your FFXIV account, be sure to make a Fisher too. Fishing FFXIV Gil out of the water Making FFXIV Gil is easy with a Culinarian on your Final Fantasy 14 account. However, having a Fisher Disciple of the Land class can help improve your Final Fantasy XIV Gil earnings. This is because of their unique ability to harvest crafting materials from bodies of water. Catching your…

FFXIV Crafting

Living Off the Land – Gathering Basics for Earning FFXIV Gil

Making FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t always through grinding mobs and doing quests. Crafting FFXIV items is lucrative but there’s something that can put more Final Fantasy XIV Gil on your FFXIV account. That, my friends is Gathering. The Botanist class is an example. Saving FFXIV Gil through Gathering While it is true that making items can earn you lots of your FFXIV Gil on your Final Fantasy XIV account, you’ll still need to spend on materials. Having a Disciple of the Land class can minimize your crafting cost which means more profit for you….

FFXIV Crafting

FFXIV Gil Riches Using the Alchemist and Culinarian Class

Among the different crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Alchemist and Culinarian classes can earn the most FFXIV Gil for any FFXIV account. This is largely due to FFXIV items they can produce that can be used by all other classes. Potions, Elixirs and FFXIV Gil Alchemists are the only Disciple of the Hand class able to create potions and elixirs. These consumables are very much sought after due to their benefits in and out of combat. Players collecting FFXIV Gil for their Final Fantasy 14 account through combat, for example, can easily go through their supply…

FFXIV Crafting

FFXIV Gil Easily through Leatherworking and Weaving

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn list of FFXIV items is extensive. Players have a lot of options on what to spend their FFXIV Gil on. Thankfully, Leatherworkers specialize in armor that majority of characters on any FFXIV account can use. Weavers can also make armor for players. Flexible but sturdy armor for FFXIV Gil Leatherworkers fashion armor made from hides, furs and pelts obtained from various gathering classes. The resulting armor is much more flexible than chain and plate; however they are tougher than cloth. For pugilists, archers, lancers and gathering classes, Leather armor can be a better investment…