June 2016

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FFXIV Crafting

Cosmetics R Us: A Guide to Hidden Cosmetic Rewards

Dances, materia, crafting, and a whole slew of quests that award cosmetic stuff are hiding right under your nose. Below is a complete list of these quests and their respective cosmetic rewards! Dance action quests All quests require level 14 and having finished the last level 14 MSQ, which varies depending on your starting city. Quest Name Quest Giver Location Remarks Saw That One Coming Eral New Gridania Unlocks the /harvestdance. Good for What Ales You Dodozan Lower Decks Unlocks the /stepdance. Help Me, Lord of the Dance P’molminn Steps of Nald Unlocks the /balldance. The /mandervilledance is unlocked through the Hildibrand quest series. Materia…

FFXIV Guides

FFXIV Materia Unlock Questing Guide

Last time, I shared with you guys some more guides. Now I have some intense info about how to unlock some Materia related unlocks so feel free to do them if you are in need of Materia. Of course, gil is part of the rewards. Materia Quests Guide: Materia-related unlocks are in a different section. Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks Leves of Bentbranch 10 Gontrant New Gridania Requires the last Level 9 MSQ. Unlocks the Levequest system. Simply the Hest (Gridania) 10 Tierney Bentbranch Meadows Requires Leves of Bentbranch. Unlocks Guildhests. Leves of Swiftperch 10 T’mokkri Upper Decks Requires…

End Game

Beast Tribe Daily Quests Guide

So, we have been discussing guides in Final Fantasy XIV and we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon. Whether it be you are aiming to progress in the game or just wants to do everything and get gil on the side, these guides will help you get through as new player. Even veteran players will benefit on this one when it comes to Beast Tribe. Beast Tribe Guide Now let us take a look on the Beast Tribe section and see what players have to do, where to get the quests and what they will get in finishing…

End Game

The Deep Dungeon and the Social Experiment in Levels

Dungeons – Final Fantasy XIV has them in spades. If you’ve played the game before, you already know how they work: you party up; have tank pull mobs and DPS eliminate them, then healers support the party; and learn the dungeon and boss mechanics to finish it. There is, however, an upcoming dungeon that will be having a different set of rules. Get to the bottom of the aptly and over-simplistically named Deep Dungeon. According to an interview during E3, the gaming world’s much-anticipated and arguably most important event, Noaki Yoshida, more affectionately known by seasoned Eorzeans as Yoshi-P, has…


Patch 3.3: Revenge of the Horde

This is it, Patch 3.3, Revenge of the Horde. Yes, this is an article for Final Fantasy XIV, not World of Warcraft. And here in Eorzea, instead of facing against orcs, you’ll be facing against dragons, as well as a wide plethora of other monsters and foes. Hold on to your hats, because Revenge of the Horde is going to go all-out when it comes to delivery. Heavensward is all about the seemingly never-ending conflict in Coerthas, which is between Ishgardians and the dragons. And in this latest patch, there will be a massive plot point happening at the end…

End Game

Leveling Guides Continued

We continue on to take a look on how newcomer players to Final Fantasy XIV can distinguish which things they should do. The flow of Gil will be a lot smoother as well with the newcomers refer to this dungeon list and will make life easier when it comes to having in-game currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Primarily, however, this is a quick reference guide to faster leveling via questing. Leveling Guide Continued The following is the instanced dungeon unlocks on max level (50). All of the quests will be available once you reach 50 and only after completing the…

End Game

End Game Dungeon Guides

We continue on to take a look on how newcomer players to Final Fantasy XIV can distinguish which things they should do. We don’t want them to be deterred at once after they have just created their account, right? So here is a little “Dungeon Guide” for them. The Dungeon Quest Starters! Here is the dungeon (instanced) unlocks that you can do if you have a new game account. These are pre-level 50. You can ask some friends or maybe a complete stranger to do these with you! Credits to the generous people of reddit! Instanced Dungeon unlocks (pre-lv50) Several…

End Game

More Guides! This Time, Heavensward!

Let us continue to see what are the things a newcomer to Final Fantasy XIV should do so that they can immediately progress to the end game. Last time we talked about some quests should be done if you want to access some of the other quests. Now we move on to Heavensward. More activities to on the rise! Heavensward The following is the Heavensward section of the newcomer guide in FFXIV from Reddit: Heavensward Finishing Before the Dawn unlocks all of the 3.0 Job quests, starting at level 50 and continuing every 2 levels. The very first 3.0 MSQ unlocks most of…

End Game

End Game Questing Guide

We continue on more guides to take a look on what are the quests necessary or at least you have to do in order to quickly progress in the game. It will be hard for a new player with his fresh max level character to not follow these quests and get caught wandering around wondering what to do. Here you can see certain parts only unlock when you finish certain things. So please read carefully and follow so that you won’t have to go back to them.  Dreams of Ice Quest Name Level Remarks Traitor in the Midst … 6…

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