Taking Your FFXIV Gil Hunter to the Haunted Haukke Manor

Haukke Manor

Final Fantasy XIV:  A Realm Reborn players can find FFXIV items and Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the Haukke Manor dungeon. This haunted are was once a place of meditation for seedseers until Lady Amandine bought it. Now it hides a dark secret along with the scarred mistress that seeks refuge within.


Getting your FFXIV Gil ready for the manor

Haukke Manor is open to characters on an FFXIV account that is between level 28 and 31. Characters must first need to unlock it in the main story as well as complete the Skeletons In Her Closet quest. Final Fantasy XIV account holders at or above level 32 will have their characters sync’d down to level 31 when they enter this dungeon. Parties attempting this dungeon can have up to four members and will have 90 minutes to complete it.

Keys, parchments and FFXIV Gil

The first part of the Haukke Manor dungeon will have players looking for keys scattered around the dungeon. Specifically, they will need to find green and yellow keys to progress. These will be held by the Manor Claviger, the first boss. Be wary of her massive cleave attack and her ranged AoE attack, Void Fire.

The next boss players will encounter is the Manor Jester and Manor Steward. This boss encounter will provide the Bloody Parchment needed to access the final boss fight. During this fight, focus first on the Manor Jester who is a spell caster boss. After dealing with the jester, take out the Manor Steward who is a tank type boss with an interruptable AoE attack.

Dealing with Lady Amandine for FFXIV Gil

The final boss of this dungeon is Lady Amandine. Players need to be wary of the events that happen inside the room you fight her in. Four lanterns in the corners of the room will light up and deal AoE damage to the group. These should be shut off as soon as possible. Throughout the fight, Lady Amandine will summon bombs. They explode dealing heavy AoE damage so they should be taken out quickly too. At low health levels, the boss will turn invincible while new adds appear. These should be killed quickly to render Lady Amandine vulnerable again. The boss herself has some AoE attacks, but is not as much of a threat as the other events in the room.

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