FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to the Finer Points of Triple Triad

Our earlier guide covered the basics of Triple triad FFXIV Gil hunters will encounter in the Manderville Gold Saucer. Today’s guide will go over the more detailed parts of this mini-game. We will cover how to get more cards without having to use cheap FFXIV Gil. Today’s guide will also check out how to challenge other players to a game of Triple Triad and more.


More opponents for FFXIV Gil hunters

While hunting Final Fantasy XIV Gil you may encounter NPCs with an odd looking symbol above their heads. If they have the icon like the one pictured above, then you just found an NPC who will play with you in Triple Triad. Of course, playing the game will take some of their time and as such require a bit of MGP as compensation. On the up side, winning a match against them may snag you a new card.

Players can also challenge other players to fight them in Triple Triad. They simply need to target their opponent and pick Challenge to Normal Match in the subcommand menu. They can then set the rules of the challenge and start. Note however, that cards cannot be won this way. MGP however can be obtained for the first five wins of the day. Lastly, outside the Maderville Gold Saucer, only select areas allow players to have Triple Triad matches.

Can you use FFXIV Gil to get cards?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players get 80 different cards upon introduction of Triple Triad to the game. These cards can be obtained from winning matches against NPCs, from Triple Triad Tournaments, Duty completion and more. Note however that they cannot be bought or traded so you don’t have to buy FFXIV Gil for it.

Rule types FFXIV Gil hunters need to be aware of

Once you start challenging NPCs and other players, you will encounter additional rules. These are divided into two types: Regional Rules and Match Rules. The former are advanced rules that are set by the area the match is held in. There are two of these for each match and they change each day. Match Rules on the other hand are those picked when you issue a challenge. NPCs have preset Match Rules. When playing against other players these are manually picked. Note that these are in effect on top of any Regional Rules.

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