FFXIV Materia Unlock Questing Guide


Last time, I shared with you guys some more guides. Now I have some intense info about how to unlock some Materia related unlocks so feel free to do them if you are in need of Materia. Of course, gil is part of the rewards.


Materia Quests Guide:

Materia-related unlocks are in a different section.

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
Leves of Bentbranch 10 Gontrant New Gridania Requires the last Level 9 MSQ. Unlocks the Levequest system.
Simply the Hest (Gridania) 10 Tierney Bentbranch Meadows Requires Leves of Bentbranch. Unlocks Guildhests.
Leves of Swiftperch 10 T’mokkri Upper Decks Requires the last Level 9 MSQ. Unlocks the Levequest system.
Simply the Hest (Limsa Lominsa) 10 Swygskyf Swiftperch Requires Leves of Swiftperch. Unlocks Guildhests.
Leves of Horizon 10 Eustace Steps of Nald Requires the last Level 9 MSQ. Unlocks the Levequest system.
Simply the Hest (Ul’dah) 10 Totonowa Horizon Requires Leves of Horizon. Unlocks Guildhests.
Color Your World 15 Swyrgeim Vesper Bay Unlocks the ability to dye most gear. Dyeable gear have a small circle on the top right corner of their icon.
Rising to the Challenge 15 I’tolwann Upper Decks Unlocks the weekly Challenge Log (rewards bonus exp / gil).
Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep 15 S’dhodjbi Upper Decks Unlocks the Aesthetician (limited character redesign for 2000 gil each time).
It Could Happen to You 15 Well-Heeled Youth Steps of Nald Requires unlocking airship access through MSQ, starts a quest chain to unlock the Gold Saucer.
An Ill-conceived Venture 17 Troubled Adventurer all cities Unlocks the Retainer Ventures (sends retainers on trips to bring you  stuff, some of them exclusive).
My Little Chocobo 20 GC HQ Gives you a chocobo and unlocks all mounts.
A Sight to Behold 20 Naoh Gamduhla New Gridania Unlocks the Sightseeing Log.
Broadening Horizons 29 Tyoh Moui New Gridania Unlocks the White Wolf Gate in New Gridania.
A Pup No Longer 30 GC HQ Unlocks Arena PvP.
My Feisty Little Chocobo 30 Docette Camp Tranquil Unlocks the ability to fight alongside your Chocobo in battle.
Treasures and Tribulations 36 H’loonh Wineport Unlocks Treasure Map gathering and the Treasure Hunts.
Toss Fit Workout 36 Maucolyn Observatorium Unlocks the /throw gesture (throws snowballs).
Of Errant Epistles 50 Klynthota Mor Dhona Unlocks the Postmoogle sidequests (backstory on several secondary characters).
A Self-improving Man 50 Wiscard Revenant’s Toll Unlocks the Glamour system (make any visible gear look like any another compatible gear).
Like Civilized Men and Women 50 GC HQ Unlocks Frontlines PvP (large scale point-based battles).
Let the Hunt Begin 50 GC HQ Unlocks the Hunt (high difficulty level 50 mobs that reward a special currency).

Currency from the Hunt (Allied Seals) can be traded with the Hunt Billmaster in your GC’s HQ.

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