Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 5 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

After doing the Sky High quest, we are now onto the fifth part of the main scenario quests for Arcanists and Marauders starting in Limsa Lominsa. Find out more about these quests, the weapons and armor you can purchase when you buy FFXIV Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa in the article below.

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Courier for a Day Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

As the title of the quest suggests, you will be a courier for a day, as requested by Wyrkrhit. After accepting the quest on your Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunter account, head west to the Foremast and hand the Foremast Package to Syngithuv. Then, head northeast to the De Nevelle Checkpoint to hand the De Nevelle Checkpoint Package to Jessamine. Once you have delivered the packages to the rightful recipients, return to the Skylift and report to Wyrkrhit to receive your reward of 1,710 XP and one of the three optional items: Leather Jackboots, Amateur Duckbills, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Thanks a Million Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

It seems a wagon driver was so startled by the appearance of some nightmarish creature from the midst of his cargo that he dropped the load over the side before fleeing back to the Skylift. Now, he wants you to look for the abandoned million corn seedling somewhere along the road to Swiftperch. Talk to Wyrkrhit to accept the quest, and then go north until you find the Millioncorn Seedling marker. There will be 2 Shore Slugs to kill here, though it won’t be much of a challenge. After retrieving the quest item, head to Swiftperch and hand the Millioncorn Seedling to Lyulf and complete the quest. You will receive a reward of 2,100 XP, and one of the three optional items: Hempen Bracers, Hempen Dress Gloves, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Farmer of Fortune Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

A struggling farmer in Swiftperch needs your help locating his deceased father’s buried fortune. Speak with Lyulf to start the quest. Afterwards, search amongst the houses in the Flock until you uncover the casket buried by Lyulf’s father, and return to Swiftperch to deliver the said treasure to Lyulf. He will give you 2,100 XP and one of the three optional items for your effort: Hard Leather Harness, Hempen Robe, and Allagan Bronze Piece. Note that if you find these items useless for your level, you can always sell them for cheap FFXIV Gil to earn you extra income for the next set of quests.

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