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FFXIV Discussion

The Toxic Community: There is No Escape

Toxicity in MMORPG’s is becoming so prevalent that nobody is safe from it. Yeah, even in Final Fantasy XIV, the only game I played that I have thought that has the friendliest community, has been penetrated by toxic players. They log in to the game, search for every opportunity to be toxic and relish the moment when they actually succeeds in spreading the virus of being an ass. Come on, we play the game to have fun. I would understand if it’s in the spirit of competitiveness. But no, they just like being douchebag in the internet. I don’t know,…

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Astrologian Balance: WANTED Pt. 2

In the previous article on the Astrologian, we talked about this suggestion from Reddit: Currently, based on current math and statistics collected from FFlogs, we know that: SCH is hilariously overpowered; even moreso than WAR is for tanks. People barely take AST and AST, in both Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect, is still horridly underpowered compared to their WHM and SCH counterpart. We know this when we examine the data primarily gathered through data logs regarding clears and party compositions through FF logs. Square primarily takes into account which jobs are and aren’t taken into parties for Savage content when…

FFXIV Discussion

Astrologian Balance: WANTED

There was and will never be a completely balanced game ever since the birth of games that has multiple classes or races. Or even in fighting games with a roster of characters, there will never be a time that all of those characters are of equal strength. There will always be imbalance. How unfortunate that the Astrologian, one of the cooler classes in FFXIV, is the one to suffer this lack of balance. An Astrologian: Balance Suggestion  Here is the first part of a post which provides good analysis why FFXIV needs rebalancing. DISCLAIMER: Tl;dr at the bottom. AST has been discussed…

FFXIV Guides

The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System Pt. 2

This is just a continuation of the jobs guide from the last write-up. It would best if you read this one as well as it is part of the general knowledge in Final Fantasy XIV. Having a new FFXIV Account, this would be really helpful for new players and maybe for not so new players that might not know this. Job / Class Continued~ This is the last part of the Reddit post about the newcomers’ guide to Final Fantasy XIV: [1] To become a Rogue, one must first start as any other class and, after doing their initial class’…

FFXIV Guides

The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System

One thing I love FFXIV is that you can get all classes with one character. It is hard enough to think of a name for every character when you create if you want another character of another job, what more leveling and gearing them right? FFXIV let’s you get the chance to use all classes with one character. Just an amazing system overall. Job and Class combination reference This is from the guide from Reddit. Such nice guys to post this for newcomers: All players can play as any Job / Class as they want to, by merely switching which…

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Crystal Tower and Hildibrand Overview

Crystal Tower was the very first raid-like instance in Final Fantasy XIV. Coil of Bahamut was not really raid-like for me way back because it was just like a dungeon but double the number of people inside. Honestly, it was just like the Primal fights but of course, was more difficult. However, this fight brought new light to my eyes as the number of people fighting in one fight grew twice or thrice therefore, also the action! Here we have some of the quests that involve Crystal Tower and the rewards and unlocks when you do them. The Crystal Tower Has…

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Extreme Mode Primals!

Last time, I shared with you guys the Hard Mode Primals Quests and the requirements and rewards in doing them. Now let’s take a look at the Extreme Mode of the Primal fights. This is something you can’t miss as primal fights are among the best in the game. Extreme Mode Primals This guide is from a post in Reddit aimed to help newcomers. It still applies to older players that haven’t done Extreme Mode Primals. The first three Extreme Mode primals are given in the previous section, as they follow the Hard Mode Primal quest chain. As the following Extreme…

End Game

Hard Mode Primals Overview!

Here we are again for some of the quests you might want to keep an eye for in order to progress in the awesome world of Final Fantasy XIV. Newcomers and veterans should take note of these quests as the give out amazing rewards and some Gil. The progress in the armor and item level will be the main reason in doing these this time around as Primals drop amazing armors and weapons. FFXIV Gil: Hard Mode Primals Quest Chain All quests are given by Urianger in the Waking Sands. Also included are the first three Extreme Mode primals, as…

FFXIV Guides

Pets! A Guide to FFXIV’s Minions

I do love cosmetic items in every MMORPG I play. I always try to get as many as possible. This is excluding the style per se of the character. What I’m talking about are the pets (which are known as minions in Final Fantasy XIV), the housing and the stuff that goes in there. Here are some quests you might want to do to get some. Minions Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks Like Cats and Dogs 15 Skribyld Aleport Starts quest chain that gives the Coeurl Kitten and Wolf Pup minions. No Guts, No Glory 22 Auphiliot South…