How to Beat Final Coil Turn 3 on your FFXIV Account

Final Coil Turn 3

You’ve cleared the second turn, are you prepared to take on Turn 3 of the Final Coil of Bahamut? If you aren’t then this guide will help you get through it. Today we will show new and veteran FFXIV account holders what to watch out for in the first phase of the fight with Phoenix.


Avoiding an early wipe on your FFXIV Account

Final Fantasy 14 account holders will need to have a tank and an off-tank for this raid. This is primarily due to the Revelation skill the boss uses. When cast, Phoenix unleashes a high damage cleave that targets the tank. The worst part is that it applies a debuff on the tank. Note that the debuff cannot be removed and needs to be waited out. However, if the debuffed tank gets hit by another Revelation, they will instantly die. As such, you will need to swap tanks after each Revelation. The latter skill is used every 60 seconds in the first phase of the fight, while the debuff lasts a little more than that.

Handling Bennu on your FFXIV Account

During the first phase, the Phoenix will summon Bennu adds. If left alive long enough, they will start buffing the boss up making it harder for Final Fantasy XIV account holders to kill it. As such, these adds need to be killed quickly. Be warned however that they must not be killed too close to each other. Doing so will cause them to buff each other making the remaining Bennu even harder to kill. Be sure to plan ahead where your group will position the adds when killing them.

Managing black and white on your FFXIV Account

During the first phase of the fight with the Phoenix, players will encounter the Blackfire and Whitefire skill combo. The former will target a healer, a DPS and the off-tank. The skill will cause them to drop a Blackfire which acts like a mine, dealing AoE damage as well debuffing players near it until destroyed. Note that if they are too close to each other, they will keep on exploding and apply Vulnerability Up to players.

Moments after Blackfire, Whitefire will be cast. This will cause the same three players to explode after a few seconds. This deals damage to the player and those near it. This explosion will allow Blackfires to be destroyed quickly.

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