FFXIV Account Holders Rejoice! Heavensward Goes Live

Heavensward Goes Live

Final Fantasy XIV account holders rejoice! The Heavensward expansion has been officially released! Players can now begin a new adventure as they travel to the lands of Ishgard. In today’s article we will briefly go over some of the new quests and features the expansion brings.

Heavensward Goes Live

New quests for FFXIV Account holders

The new expansion draws new and long time FFXIV account holders into a new adventure featuring an entirely new location, Ishgard. This comes with its own set of quests that add to the main storyline of the game. This can be started by taking on the Coming to Ishgard quest available from Alphinaud at the Intercessory (x6, y6). The quest requires a Disciple of War or Magic at level 50. You will also need to have cleared the Before the Dawn main scenario quest.

Aside from the main scenario quests, the expansion also adds new quests to the Chronicles of a New Era. There are also new side story and side quests available. Note that for the latter, you will first need to complete the main scenario quests added by the patch.

New Guildleves for FFXIV Account holders

Final Fantasy 14 account holders who love guildleves will be happy to know that the Heavensward added new Temple Leves. These work similar to guildleves in that battlecraft, fieldcraft and tradecraft leves are still available. Additionally, using ten allowances, players can go for large-scale levequests. While much harder these give more rewards and experience points.

Completing a Temple Leve also has a different effect. Once finished, players will be sent to the nearest hamlet instead of the usual levemete. Players will also be able to loot amber-encased vilekin in the new Temple Leves. These can traded with the new Amber Trader for rare items.

New jobs and increased level cap on your FFXIV Account

One of the things many players are excited about the new expansion is the addition of three new jobs. These are the Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian. They perform the roles tank, DPS and healer respectively. Note that they do not have matching classes and will start at level 30.

Another thing players get from the expansion is a new level cap. Disciples of War and Magic can now reach level 60.

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