FFXIV Account Holders Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid

Syrcus Tower

Introduced to the game in Patch 2.3, the Syrcus Tower is the second raid in the Crystal Tower series of raids. New and old FFXIV account holders can do this raid to collect Allagan Tomestones, Gil as well as gear for their characters. Today we will look at how to get into the raid and its first boss.

Syrcus Tower

How FFXIV Account holders can get in

Final Fantasy 14 account holders who want to get into this raid will first need to get the For Prosperity quest. This is given out to Disciples of War or Magic at level 50 and above. It can be taken from G’raha Tia in Mor Dhona (x30, y12). Note that this quest requires players to first finish the Labyrinth of the Ancients questline. Players will also need to make sure that their characters have at least item level 70 gear on them. Lastly, the raid requires a full raid of 24 players.

Orbs of ice and fire on your FFXIV Account

There are several mechanics Final Fantasy XIV account holders will need to watch out for in the boss fight with Scylla. One of these is the ice and fire orbs. During the fight, Scylla will summon orbs of ice as well as orbs of fire. These will target and follow random players. If an Ice Orb hits a player, it will be frozen in place. It will also take damage until freed. This is where the Fire Orbs come in. Players can kite a Fire Orb to a frozen raid member. Upon collision, this will thaw them and leave a puddle of water on the ground.

The puddles are not just for show. Every now and then, the boss will cast Ancient Flare. The only way to avoid this is to stand the puddles of water created by the above mechanic.

Charges and platforms on your FFXIV Account

One of the deadliest skills Scylla has is Daybreak. When used, this will petrify the whole raid for 15 seconds and can easily wipe the raid. To avoid it, players will need to stand on the platforms located in the room. These will generate a shield if four or more characters are on the platform.

The shields require power however. To power up the platform, players will need to kite purple energy orbs to the electric pillars in the room. Each platform needs three charges from the orbs. Thankfully, these orbs, periodically spawn during the fight.

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