Earning FFXIV Gil as an Armorer and Goldsmith


Creating FFXIV items is a good way to earn FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Using this principle, Disciples of the Hand can take up the Armorer Class to get Final Fantasy XIV Gil for their FFXIV account.


Creating armor for FFXIV Gil

Armorers can craft plate, scale and chain mail armor for the various classes of the game. Aside from these, they can also make helmets for gathering classes and tools for crafting classes. FFXIV Gil can also be earned for your Final Fantasy 14 account through the creation and sale of shields and bucklers.

How to make an Armorer for FFXIV Gil

Naldiq and Vymelli’s is the place to be for Armorer wannabes. Save up some FFXIV Gil and head over to Limsa Lominsa to visit this Armorer’s Guild if you want your character to be an Armorer. As with all classes, your character needs to be at least level 10.

Earning FFXIV Gil from accessories

Goldsmiths can take ores and gemstones from Miners to create various items for other classes. Their primary means of earning FFXIV Gil is through the creation and sale of accessories. They can also get Final Fantasy XIV Gil for a FFXIV account through staves and scepters.

Turning your FFXIV Gil into a Goldsmith

Characters who wish to earn FFXIV Gil through Goldsmithing need to first reach level 10. They will then need to go to the Goldsmith’s Guild in Ul’dah and talk to the guild receptionist there.

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