[GUIDE]How to Beat Final Coil Turn 3 for FFXIV Gil Part 2

Final Coil Turn 3

In an earlier guide we covered the first phase of the Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 3. Today, we will go over the mechanics of the second phase players will go through when looking for cheap FFXIV Gil. Like always, buy FFXIV Gil so you can have money on hand for repairs after the raid.


Avoiding purgatory on your FFXIV Gil hunter

Once Phoenix hits 80% HP, the battle will enter its second phase. Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters will then need to watch out for Brand of Purgatory. This skill will mark a ranged character with green or purple debuff. The boss will then start casting Flames of Unforgiveness on the branded player. If they are hit by this skill with the debuff still on them, they will die instantly.

To avoid death, the brand must be passed on. This can be done by having one character run through the branded character. Note that this will deal heavy damage to both players. Additionally, the branded player will still take moderate damage from Flames of Unforgiveness. As such, the original branded player need to be healed well or they will still be killed.

FFXIV Gil hunters and Blue fire

Another mechanic to watch out for in this phase is the Bluefire and Redfire combo. Phoenix will target a random DPS or healer. That player will then drop a Bluefire patch after some time. Be careful not to drop the patch close to the boss as it is important in countering the next skill. If it is too close, Phoenix will simply absorb it.

FFXIV Gil hunters to handle Redfire

A few moments later, Phoenix will cast Redfire, tethering a fireball to a random player. The ball will slowly head towards the FFXIV player. Upon reaching the, it will detonate and apply a DoT on all players. Note that the fireball will also detonate if it comes into contact with other members of the party. The damage of the DoT is high enough that it can easily cause the raid to wipe. To counter the fireball, have a character run through the Bluefire patch then into the fireball. They will still take some damage, but there will be no raid wide DoT.

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