FFXIV Gil Collector’s Class Guides: The Marauder & Archer

Gathering and crafting FFXIV items to sell for FFXIV Gil on your Final Fantasy 14 account can get boring. In fact, most players in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will just head to a dungeon and grind for their Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Marauders are good for this purpose, especially when going with a group.


FFXIV Gil costs and preparations

The Marauder Disciple of War class is the best example of offense being the best defense. As such, this tanking class focuses on VIT and STR. When taking this class for your FFXIV Gil hunter on your FFXIV account, make sure to keep this in mind.

Earning FFXIV Gil with a Marauder

Offense based tanking is the Marauder’s forte. This class’ skill set allows it to deal damage while also drawing enmity. This allows DPS units in your FFXIV Gil hunting party to get in their attacks safely.


No MMORPG will be complete without an archer class. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is no exception and allows players to grind for FFXIV Gil on their FFXIV account with this ranged class.

Hunting FFXIV Gil from afar

Archers excel in long-range engagements. Wielding bows or crossbows, this class hunts for FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil from a distance. When in a party, expect this Disciple of War class to play the part of a DPS. This class is needed for the Bard job later on.

Creating the best Archer FFXIV Gil hunter

Creating an Archer FFXIV Gil hunter on your Final Fantasy 14 account is quite simple. Just head to the Archer’s Guild in Gridania and talk to the receptionist. For those looking for the best race for this class, pick any Mi’Qote or an Elezen Wildwood. Make sure to focus on the dexterity stat for higher damage.

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