Completing the World of Darkness to Get FFXIV Gil and Items Part 2

World of Darkness

Our last guide covered how Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can enter the World of Darkness raid. Today’s guide will continue where we left off and discuss how to take out Angra Mainyu, the first boss of the raid. We will also take a look at the second boss you will need to take out to get items and cheap FFXIV Gil.

World of Darkness

Other skills FFXIV Gil hunters need to watch out for

Angra Mainyu will cast Level 100 Flare and Level 150 Doom periodically throughout the fight. When he does, players will be tethered to another random player. A circle will also appear on the ground. Players will need to get out of the circle within a given time or they will die.

Another skill the boss uses is Roulette. This will summon four Final Hourglass mobs as well as causing sections of the room to light up. Once all four adds have been killed, players caught in the lit section of the room will be killed after a small period of time. How long players have to get out of the lit section depends on how fast the adds have been killed.

Lastly, Angra Mainyu will summon Ahriman mobs. These need to be focused down quickly as they can cast a spell that instantly kills characters. If you buy FFXIV Gil account, make sure to take them out to save your Gil.

Fire, Ice, Lightning and FFXIV Gil

The Five-headed Dragon will make your characters dance around due to the amount of AoE skills it has. Each head is linked to a particular element which has its own specific attacks. Its Ice attack causes Ice puddles to form in the room that grow before disappearing. These freeze any character standing in them. The Fire head will summon bird adds that tether to a random player. They place a stacking debuff on the tethered player. Make sure to pass the tether to other players to prevent getting too much damage. The Lightning head meanwhile will target a random Final Fantasy 14 player and deal AoE damage that is split among all those hit.

Poison and Air attacks your FFXIV Gil hunter needs to handle

The Five-Headed Dragon’s Poison head will blast out a Poison AoE that will spawn Slime adds. If the Slimes come together, it will deal raidwide damage and silence the raid. You can stop slimes from spawning by standing in the puddle that is generated. For the Air head, a random player is marked and dealt damage while being thrown up in the air.

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