A Realm Reborn – Character Races in FFXIV Part 1

Character Races

If you’re a newbie at massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), you’re probably thinking what races have to do with the character you want to start with. Most of the time, the races available to choose from are purely cosmetic. However, there are some games that add stats and abilities completely unique to each race. For example, in some RPGs, an ‘Elven’ character would have heightened intelligence and wisdom, which makes them better suited at magic-related professions. But this does not mean that a ‘Human’ character cannot choose to be a mage.

Today, we’ll be discussing about the first three character races in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. Here’s what you need to know about the Hyur, the Elezen, and the Lalafell, well as the other character features in-game you can avail when you buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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Character Races for FFXIV Gil Hunters: Overview

You can choose from five races in FFXIV: ARR. Each race has its own unique style, and the story progression adjusts according to the race you choose. As stated before, most of the differences between the races are just visuals, though there are a few stat differences depending on the race, as well as the subset within the main race. Don’t let this stop you from choosing the Lalafell over the Hyur, or the Elezen over the Miqo’te, as none of these races are inferior nor superior over the other.

Character Races for FFXIV Gil Hunters: Hyurs

The Hyurs are the human archetype in MMORPGs, average height and build. They have two clans: Midlanders and Highlanders. Midlanders are like the jack-of-all-trades, because they can fit just right into anything. Meanwhile, highlanders are noticeably larger in built and musculature. They are also stronger and tougher as they have the highest starting strength of all races.


  • Strength: 21
  • Dexterity: 19
  • Vitality: 20
  • Intelligence: 21
  • Mind: 18
  • Piety: 21


  • Strength: 23
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Vitality: 22
  • Intelligence: 18
  • Mind: 20
  • Piety: 17

 Character Races for FFXIV Gil Hunters: Elezen

The Elezen have tall and slender statures, and long ears. They have longer life spans compared to the Hyur. They come in two kinds: Wildwood and Duskwight. Wildwoods are the rangers; they are good with bows but they have considerably low defenses. Duskwights are rogues that rely on stealth and cunning. If you enjoy fighting from a distance – or backstabbing opponents to take them down when they least expect it – try creating an Elezen character.

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  • Strength: 19
  • Dexterity: 23
  • Vitality: 18
  • Intelligence: 22
  • Mind: 17
  • Piety: 21


  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Vitality: 19
  • Intelligence: 23
  • Mind: 20
  • Piety: 18

Character Races for FFXIV Gil Hunters: Lalafell

The Lalafell is a tiny race with child-like appearances. Don’t underestimate them though! Even with their small stature, they can prove to be tricky. They have two types: Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk. Plainsfolk aren’t the strongest, but they’re pretty smart, too. The Dunesfolk aren’t much different from the Plainsfolk in terms of stats, but in appearance, one could differentiate them by looking into their eyes, because unlike the Plainsfolk, Dunesfolk don’t have pupils.


  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 22
  • Vitality: 18
  • Intelligence: 21
  • Mind: 20
  • Piety: 21


  • Strength: 17
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Vitality: 17
  • Intelligence: 21
  • Mind: 22
  • Piety: 23

Character Races for FFXIV Gil Hunters: Summary

In retrospect, the races aren’t much different from each other. It all depends entirely on how you build and play your character, and what kind of items you buy with FFXIV Gil to equip them with. Players earn Gil by clearing quests, guildleves (or levequests), dungeons, monster events, and by selling rare finds. Additionally, for players who do not have enough time to spare for farming, they may also opt for cheap FFXIV Gil.

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