The Howling Eye Extreme – Garuda Overwhelming

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Last time I shared my Howling Eye experience in the hard mode. Now, I want to take a look back on my Howling Eye Extreme experience and share it with you guys.

Reasons Why I Love Garuda Extreme

The Howling Eye Extreme is one of my favorite fights in Final Fantasy XIV because it is all about team execution, minimal errors and everyone has to do their role in this fight. One move and you have to redo the fight all over again. I hated having to do the fight all over again when we were in the last phase. My goodness. Recalling it exhausts me. I don’t know if the fight was really long or because there were a lot of things to consider and everything had to be on point that made me think it was a long fight.


The Howling Eye Extreme: Phases

Phase 1:

Absolutely easy phase. Didn’t really have that much of a difference from the hard mode where the group tank and spank Garuda, hide when she disappears then kill plumes. But this phase was so funny whenever there’s a random player who found himself lost whenever Garuda disappears and stayed in the middle and died. Always a good laugh.

Phase 2:

If I remember correctly, Garuda spawns two adds early in the fight. This was also kind of easy but for whatever reason, people kept on taking damage from random area of effect.

Last Phase:

This is all where it mattered. When there were no hiding spot anymore and the damage became so unreal that a little mistake will end up in a wipe. Tanks had to tank Garuda and her adds in different quadrants of the room made it harder for us healer to position ourselves. Another was the melee dps who needed to soak damage after dealing with one add to switch to another. One hit from those big tornadoes and they die. Funny thing is that when they make a wrong step, the tornadoes made their body fly to the other side of the map like Frisbee. This phase was really healing intensive as everyone was always on the verge of dying. This phase really took long, took all the energy inside me and I wonder how I finished this fight looking back.

How I wish this kind of fight is available in all sorts of MMORPG.

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