The Inherent Problem in FFXIV’s Multiple Class System

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FFXIV’s multiple job system is a breath of fresh air for most MMO veterans. Gone are the days when you have to make a new character to level a different job or class. FFXIV just outright lets you level each class via the multiple job system on a single character! No more running for achievements or gear for each character as you can just get them all in one!

However, it does present a problem because there are so many choices that it becomes difficult to figure out which to main. Whether it is DPS, Tank, or Healer, you will still be hardpressed in finding good alt jobs to gear in order to cover all the roles. Along with the recent job imbalances that FFXIV has had, it makes it even more difficult to invest in a specific job. Who knows when that will be nerfed to oblivion and rendered useless?

It’s always hard to choose, but that’s really the dilemma everybody has in-game.

The Multiple Job System: What to do?

With all the freedom in switching roles or classes in Final Fantasy XIV, it is likely that you will feel the same way. Unless you are completely satisfied in what you are using or disinterested in the other classes OR maybe you do not have time to level up other jobs and don’t bother thinking of it at all. Either way, this is too much of a burden. I can’t really decide which class to use! They are all fun and interesting in their own rights!

Good and Bad

I have leveled all of the jobs to max in my Final Fantasy XIV Account. The good thing about this that I am completely flexible depending on what role I will be playing in a raid team. Another is whenever I feel using a certain class, I can instantly switch to it. It is like being able to buy a certain flavor of ice cream anytime you crave for one. Yeah “flavor of the month” type when it comes to my preferred class in a certain period.

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The bad thing about it though is that I have to gear them all in my Final Fantasy XIV Account which is quite a little bit of a hassle to be honest. Lockouts will impede your progress in all of the classes. Inventory space is another thing as well because you have to have a complete set for all of the classes. Yeah, having the complete equipment set for all of the classes is a must to achieve maximum flexibility when it comes to fitting in perfectly in a raid team.

Can you relate to this topic I just presented you? Kindly let me know what you think or if you experience the same thing, please comment below!

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