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It is pretty hard to balance an MMORPG with a lot of classes in it. I am no game developer but I can imagine all the balancing they have to do in other to level the difficulty in the raids and dungeons and also to suffice the rants of the players all over the world with their present class. If they buff one class, the other classes will look weaker thus being demanded to buff the “weaker” classes. So on and so forth. DPS classes are especially affected by this.

Job DPS Discrepancies

There are discrepancies in every class in an MMORPG like FFXIV. It is inevitable. One class will be greater than another in the role they play, one way or another. Sometimes it is also dependent on the idea of the class. There will be limiters to a class due to its backstory, lore, how the class works, melee or range, etc.

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What’s the Best DPS Class?

With that said, comes the idea of my title if we are going to talk about “which DPS class is the best in FFXIV”. To be quite honest, I always ask “which is the best” in all the classes I choose to play so I can choose that class. Yes, tier whoring if you will. Fortunately, classes in FFXIV are quite balanced in my opinion. This game is one of the rare games wherein different classes are of the same level and same importance to a group or raid team. They have their specific qualities that are unique to them thus making them valuable in a team. So to be safe I maxed all classes on my account.

So what am I saying? That you should have at least one of each dps class in your team so you can cover all grounds? Well, if you are fortunate enough to have a group that can play every dps class possible in FFXIV, why not?! But that’s not necessary. FFXIV’s one good side is that regardless of DPS lineup (of course you still have to fill the holy trinity), you will still able to finish the dungeon or raid. So as long as every member of the team do their job, you will be fine.


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