FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Sneak Peek Into the Rogue and Ninja Classes


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players have something to look forward to in Patch 2.4: Rogues and Ninjas. The class and Job will be added to the game in the upcoming patch. For now, Final Fantasy XIV account holders can enjoy a preview of the new classes.

Rogue and Ninja

Get FFXIV Gil with Stealth

Announced many months ago, many FFXIV account holders got excited that a new class was going to be added to the game. Finally, after a long wait, the Rogue and Ninja classes will be added to the game. The two classes will be based in Limsa Lominsa and will allow players to hunt Final Fantasy XIV Gil with stealth. Most of the details of the new class such as skills and stats are still being kept secret however.  Fans however can glimpse how the new classes look like on the official announcement.

Rogue quests FFXIV Gil hunters can take

Based on the announcement, Rogues will be close ranged fighters using knives and daggers to dispose of their opponents. Players can also expect a healthy dose of stealth gameplay thanks owing to their training as thieves. This however is simple speculation. Thankfully, Square Enix has released a partial list of quests the Rogue can take:

  • So you Want to Be a Rogue (requires Level 1)
  • My First Daggers (requires Level 1)
  • Stabbers in Yer Fambles (requires Rogue Level 1)
  • A Dainty Dilemma (requires Rogue Level 5)
  • Stray into the Shadows (requires Rogue Level 10)
  • Stifled Screams (requires Rogue Level 15)
  • Slave to the Code (requires Rogue Level 15)

Using Ninja to get FFXIV Gil

Along with the Rogue is the Ninja. This advanced class, or Job, takes the Rogue as its Primary Class. What the other class it requires however is still unknown. There is also no mention of what FFXIV items are needed for this Job. The announcement hints however that this Job may be able to cast spells aside from their normal attacks.

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