Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons Too Long?

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons

Every MMORPG has dungeons or a counterpart of it. You fight through mobs or “trash” before reaching a boss fight. A dungeon usually has 3 or more bosses to fight and get gears from, usually the last boss gives the best loot and the most Final Fantasy XIV Gil. A team of 4 (or maybe 5) is needed comprising of a tank, a healer and dps. This goes the same for Final Fantasy XIV. You and your friends enter certain dungeons for certain loots to gear up and be ready for those late game raids.

Normally a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV averages 30 minutes to clear but the question is, how long should a normal dungeon take? Is this average of 30 minutes normal or can it be already classified as long and takes too much of players’ time?

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons

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Players’ Perspective

Posts and comments from Reddit actually say that the average time of 30 minutes is fine. Give it that a group can down a boss in five minutes in an average three boss dungeon. That is fifteen minutes already. Adding five minutes every in-between mobs that the group needs to clear before reaching a boss. That is another fifteen minutes equaling to 30 minutes, which is the said normal length of a dungeon. Of course there are comments that wish to lessen the gating by deducting enemies before every bosses but that would be also reducing the challenge in actually reaching the boss.

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons

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Speed runs

Some group of players (lately becoming a norm in Final Fantasy XIV) try to speed run these dungeons. They find the most efficient ways to clear mobs and killing the bosses as fast as possible without casualties. Of course death among group members slows things down and nullifying the point of a speed run. Group composition is a factor as well in determining on how fast you clear the dungeons with the varying strengths and weaknesses of each class. The group’s average gear level of course also is a factor.


Try grouping with geared and experience players if you haven’t tried these speed runs. If you actually finished a dungeon under the norm of 30 minutes, great! If you take longer than the usual, maybe you’re doing something wrong or the group in general. What matters is Final Fantasy XIV dungeons are not that long to clear.


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