What are Disciple of the Hand Classes in Final Fantasy XIV?

Disciple of the Hand Classes

Tired of spending FFXIV Gil and not have a way to earn it back in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Then maybe it’s time to make a Carpenter on your FFXIV account. These crafty woodworkers can earn you money by making FFXIV items and only one of the Disciple of the Hand Classes.

Disciple of the Hand Classes

Getting FFXIV Gil from wood

Carpenters are a Disciple of the Hand class available to characters on a Final Fantasy 14 account. They can take various types of wood and turn them in weapons, armor and various items. Players can then either buy them for FFXIV Gil or use it themselves. Note that lumber used by this crafting class is gathered by Botanists.

Making a Carpenter for FFXIV Gil

To create a Carpenter, simply reach level 10 on one class. After that, head to the Carpenter’s Guild located in New Gridania and talk to the receptionist. Your character can then earn FFXIV Gil as a Carpenter.

Tools, armors and weapons for FFXIV Gil

Blacksmiths take ores to make various weapons and tools for the other classes of the game. Particularly, they create bladed weapons for Pugilists, Gladiators and Marauders. Botanists can buy hatchets and scythes for FFXIV Gil from Blacksmiths. Meanwhile, Miners can get Pickaxes and Sledgehammers from this class.

Becoming a Blacksmith to earn FFXIV Gil

Characters on a FFXIV account can become a Blacksmith by heading to Limsa Lominsa. They will need to head to Naldiq & Vymellis’ to sign up as a Blacksmith. They need to be at level 10 before they can earn FFXIV Gil with this class.

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